Sunday, July 13, 2014

Getting My PLAN On!

Happy Sunday!

I am leaving for a family vacay here in a few days and am determined NOT to plan while on vacation. So that means I have been PLANNING all this week.

So how do I plan? It's totally a step process. I start big and work from there with end goals in mind... Backwards Planning... WHHHAAATTT!!! I guess all those college classes sunk in lol!

This is where I begin.

I build this yearly plan based off of what I want to cover in each month. Somethings NEVER change (like our district adopted program, Treasures), but everything else I move around to fit what will work for the year! And since I teach science, music, art and PE for my own class, I get to choose those units and their order as well!

Once my yearly plan is complete, or complet-ish, I build my daily schedule. This year our daily schedule will look like this:

This schedule goes through MANY changes before I settle on one I think will work for the year. In fact I made one last change just yesterday... can you spot the arrow switch? I'm swapping Wednesday's PE to Thursday! Now, I think I've got it, fingers crossed.


I break out my planner!

I'm mostly a paper and pencil gal. In the past I used a stock Lakeshore or CTP planner, but I HATED writing in the times every week! So now, I like to make a customized page that fits my personal classroom schedule and then I make TONS of copies, hole punch them and add them to my teacher binder.

However, this year I have put the first few weeks together on the computer. I'll will probably switch back to pencil and paper when I have access to the school copier! Here is what it looks like :)


So clean and neat! Maybe I will keep with the computer...

You can get an editable blank version HERE! But you will need to have the font: TheBasicApple and PowerPoint!

In order to get this all filled in with activities I have to have the table look like this! AAAHHH!

There's even a TM on the floor... it's no too bad, right? I look through all my activities, align activities with content from our programs, scour Pinterest for inspiration and check back through TPT purchases I have made. Combine those things with my tried and true favorites and BOOM! I've planned ;)

So, that's how I get my PLAN on! How do you plan? Anyone using

Until next time!


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