Sunday, July 6, 2014


Happy Sunday!

Oh how I wish I was traveling to Vegas today... but, I'm not... tears!... Next year! Next Year!

So what am I doing instead? Scavenger hunting of course...

If you haven't gotten involved, you should! The Mr. and I have been bouncing all around town looking for the items...I even made a trip to school!!!

Here are a couple of the items I've already found...
my empty classroom... I really want to get in there and work! But we are off limits for the next couple weeks... I had to "break" in on a Sunday to snap this pic!
My FAVORITE, FAVORITE children's book! Seriously, hands down... no contest.
Me posing with a statue outside the Charles Schultz Museum. Yay, Charlie Brown!
the Mr. sniffing Scentos markers at Staples

Seriously fun... and cheap! Something I totally love during these summer months! Want to see my other pics? Follow me on instagram... @todayinfirstgrade

Until next time...


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Sophie Lastcatts said...

Cool! Your pics on Instagram are so beautiful! Check mine on We are alike:)