Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Currently!

Ah, July.... the summer is flying by....


!. I love watching GMA in the mornings. Josh Elliot is a fave! Since I'm usually at work by this time, I miss it during the school year... Now that it's summer... Watch On!

2. Have you made coffee concentrate? I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman (love her!). Now I can make yummy iced coffee for these HOT afternoons!

3. I am dying to get out of the house today! I've been staying in due to the heat and trying to save $$... but enough is enough! Armstrong Redwoods it is!

4. Did I mention it's hot?  I know, I know... at least it isn't muggy! But 100° in my no-air conditioning apartment... ick! Can we just roll it back a few degrees??

5. Chores... boo! Laundry... let's just say I'm avoiding...

6. It is so easy to get caught up inside! I plan to go outside and relax, you should too!

Thanks for the fun Farley!

Happy July Everyone!