Sunday, May 17, 2015

Open House Time

The year has gone by in a flash and now I'm staring straight into the tunnel and I see the light of summer... Oh, boy! I can't wait! Do you feel me?!

We are getting close, just three weeks left here...but of course we had to have open house first!

One of the days I look forward to each year is open house. I love watching the kids share their work with their families. Their smiles say it all. And the big bonus? Unlike back to school night, I'm not on. The parents are not there to see me, so our conversation is short and sweet. The night is filled with hugs and fun. 

Our theme this year was weather. Take a peek!

Graphing the seasons:

Watercolor painting our favorite season-I took a profile pic of the kids and changed the exposure in Word to make it all black, then cut it out :)

Studying climates around the world (thanks to Reagan Tunstall)

Learning about meteorologists and their tools!

Our own mini meteorologists :)

Storms KWL ( we also wrote about storms!)

Clouds and cloud facts! (Thanks Cara Carroll)

Cloud Men with list poems

And adjective rainbows! Can you see them hanging from the lights?

Season tri-o-ramas with paper bag trees. This is a fall one!

Hope you enjoyed a peek at my open house room. I wish I had a wide shot of it all, but the night was so busy that I forgot to take one! I'm blaming it on open house brain! ;)

Here's to a few more weeks!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Feeling appreciated?!

I sure am!!

I am feeling the love!! Did you spy that TPT gift certificate?!! Such wonderful families :)

I have my store on sale for the next two days too! 

Enjoy some shopping, I know I will!