Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Butterfly Life Cycle and March Quilt

Alrighty... I am just home form an EDI training and soon to be off to a showing of Beauty and the Beast the musical... so this is a quick update on some the fun things we did this week...(p.s. sorry for the yucky pics forgot to charge the camera battery and had to use my phone)...

We read about the butterfly life cycle in our anthologies this week so we spent a lot of time sequencing the cycle. We put together this project with a writing to match. You can get the writing page HERE (thank you KPM Digital and DJ inkers!).

a corn kernel for the egg, a dyed noodle for the caterpillar, a cotton ball for the chrysalis and a colored coffee filter wrapped with a pipe cleaner as the butterfly.
We are going to keep rolling with the butterfly theme a bit next week too, so stay tuned for those activities.

We also got to complete our March quilt this week! I love this quilt... seriously too cute! We read the story The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day, talked about the "luck of the Irish" and then came up with ideas of how we are lucky. It took a little prodding and leading but I was finally able to get them to think about the non-material items we are lucky to have...

ok.. so if you have seen my other quilts, you will notice that this is on a different board... yep, redoing the writing wall.. a post to come on that later

They made the leprechaun kid with pattern pieces and strips of orange construction paper that they rolled with their pencils. Their writing is under the shamrock as a lift-and-read and we added some green glitter to the shamrocks to spice them up a bit.

"I am lucky because my grandma makes me my favorite noodles."

Okay.. that's all for now have a great Saturday night and don't forget to fix your clocks!


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Love those!

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Your St. Pat's board looks great!
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Love these activities and the precious things that come out of kids' mouths.


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...absolutely LOVE your adorable blog and ideas! Would love for you to stopy by my newbie sometime!