Monday, November 28, 2011

Fact Familes Freebies!

Happy Monday!

We started fact families right before we went on Thanksgiving break, and I should have known my kiddos would come back not remembering A THING!

So we will be spending a LOT of time with fact families in the next few weeks. I usually teach fact families with two different frames for building the facts.

We start with the house. The kids LOVE this one... don't ask me why... maybe its the roof? We slide it into page protectors and use dry erase markers to make fact families, after I give them the family numbers.

click the pic to download

Later, after they have gotten better at building the families on their own, we use this really simple frame. Not as fancy, but it does the job!

click for this one too!
And now for the good stuff! I made a fun holiday themed fact family matching game/center, and it can be yours for the low price of FREE! Happy cyber Monday :) Just click the pic so that you can download the fun!

*** Update 11/30/2011: Since cyber Monday is officially over, you can now find this cute little  fact family activity for sale on my TPT page! I hope you check it out! ***

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Delighted said...

Cute! Love the graphics. Thank you for sharing.

First Grade Delight