Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Bud's Day Out!

This week we read Bud's Day Out in HM. I LOVE this story. Most weeks I could live without the anthology story provided by HM, but not this one. It is cute, easy to follow, has a great pictures and the kids can totally relate to the main character. So, this story gets a little "extra love" in my class.

I made theses story summary cards (inspired by Mrs. Bainbridge) and worked through a story retell...for the first time the kids did surprisingly well and we will definitely use these cards more. Click the pick to get them too!

the cards are: somebody, wanted, but, so, and

First the story's background... Bud gets away. Ben and his mom find him causing trouble in the pet shop. They get Bud, help clean up and apologize to the shop owner. The shop owner gives Ben a book titled, The 10 Rules for Dogs, to read to Bud.

So we talked rules for dogs and made a long list. The kids came up with everything from "always give me kisses to don't potty in the house"! Then they set off to write down the 4 most important rules for their dog.

1. don't fight 2. keep your leash on 3. do not bark at other dogs 4. listen to me
After, we put together my replica of Bud and had him hold the rules. I think they came out precious.

loving the ring around the eye!

Could you use this pattern too? I hope so... if not now...maybe at Easter? (run him on white and have the ears pointing up!) Click the pic to get the patten and the writing page :)

Have a happy Saturday! I will be shopping and decorating our Christmas tree. Hooray!