Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learning About the Seasons

I love the seasons and weather. It is by far one of my favorite science units. Now... that being said, can I just say it is hard to talk about the seasons where I teach. I mean really... it pretty much looks the same here year around. Sure we have a few leaves change, but nothing like the pictures and books describe, so the seasons are actually difficult for my kids to really grasp. But we push on anyway with pictures and descriptions of the way places look in the various seasons.

So...to start off this unit we read two books: A Tree For All Seasons and Watching the Seasons and created an anchor chart to show what we know so far about the seasons.
Throughout the rest of the week we will be working in our seasons and weather science journal and creating our own trees for every season.

If you do the seasons also, have a look at our journal... it's a freebie!Click the pic below!
Clip art and fonts by DJ Inkers and Miss Tiina


Mrs. D said...

Thanks for the journal! :)


R addington said...

Thank you, thank you! I've been looking and looking for something good on seasons.

Ruth Anne
Mrs. A's First Grade

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