Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!

Well it is officially fall and I was expecting boots and sweaters to be entering my wardrobe rotation... but, I don't believe that will do in this 90 degree weather! Maybe with some wishing this weekend we can at least get the temperature down to 70... I mean really it that too much to ask for!

So even if mother nature isn't quite ready to celebrate just yet, I have begun to bask in the glory of fall and the anticipation of all things October...spiders, bats, scarecrows, pumpkins and so much more! To get me started I put together this sums matching math activity to go with my week on spiders. The kiddos sort the spiders and flies and match them to the correct web...isn't that simple :) Feel free to enjoy this activity along with us!
Check back soon to see how our weather unit gets going! Have a happy weekend!

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