Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday, music, and bacon!

Just a quick update :)

New items on sale! My favorite book studies! Great for small groups!

I'm visiting family in AZ. OMG!! It's hot!

In school related stuff...I've been thinking a lot about how to add music into my daily schedule. I found a place for it, but now what to do?

We don't do a music special at my school :( {I hadmusic in elementary school and stuck with it through college!!! Yep, my second degree is a BA in Music. I still have my clarinet :)}

I want to make sure my students are getting music too! Not just phonics songs, or the days of the week sung to the Addams Family theme song... Know what I mean?

Hmm... How to balance it all this year is going to be difficult. And convincing my team/p-pal that 30 min of music each week is just as essential as the 600 min of language arts and 400 min of math...

Any of you do music instruction during your day? Like specific beat, tempo, rhythm?

Anyway... Don't you love when thoughts roll through your head randomly ;)

Im crazy... Must be the heat ;) I'm off to enjoy some delicious AZ bacon at Oink Cafe! Love bacon!

Have a happy weekend!