Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It!

Happy July! Today I'm linking up for:

I am rearranging my classroom  for next year and my library will be getting a whole new look. I was in the mood for some crafy  diy when I came across this...

2 Crafty 4 My Skirt: How To Tape Off A Chevron Pattern 
Yes... it was on Pinterest (so what, I'm addicted, no judging ). 

Anywho... using that sign for a little inspiration I came up with this...

apparently I'm not over chevron yet :)
So, how did I do it... 

Following some guidelines from the inspiration website I gathered my paint, wood and tape. I taped of the board... not perfectly, but hey this is DIY, right?! Then I used a razor blade to cut away the extra tape. I dug in with my paint brush and a pretty charcoal color. Since it was just craft paint, it was dry in about a half hour. I peeled away the painters tape and had the bright idea to paint it the wood grain with lime green.

The next morning I was so disappointed in how it looked :( With no extra wood lying around, I put on my big girl pants and did 4 coats of linen white to cover the lime green. My hand and arm were so tired!... But it is SO Much Better! Worth the pain :)

I added the words by free hand in a pool blue color and crafted the hot air balloon with some left over fabric scraps that I had in the house.

There you have it! A cute little sign to hang in my classroom library!

What did you make?

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Anonymous said...

I agree! The charcoal and white are much better. That is such a cute sign.