Saturday, May 18, 2013

Open House Baby!

They came, they saw, and they left happy!

Open house is always a stressful fun time of the year for me. There is so much to do to make sure my families can see how much work their kiddos have been putting in over the course of the year.

I try to change my open house theme every year or two, and this year we did: Explorers! Our science curriculum did a ton with biomes so I ran with it! Here are some pictures of my room :)

My door ...

arctic and desert... a table with two of my workshop activities: Learning Palettes and Versa Tiles. Have you heard of them? They are amazing!

the rainforest... I love this board so much, I don't want to take it down!

the ocean and tour bags
our explorers

The desk... Each kiddo did an animal report (this boy did the jaguar) and we all made painted Model Magic figurines to go with our reports. I was a little nervous at first; just handing the kids a big clump of white clay. And after they modeled it into their animal, not a single teacher could tell what they were! LOL! But, after they painted them I was SO proud! I mean, it totally looks like a jaguar holding its cub, doesn't it??... At least by 1st grade art standards it does!

We also wrote an expository piece on each of the biomes we studied and did a matching crayon and water color resist painting to go with. And in the upper corner is their biome lap book.  Apparently I like lap books... I can't seem to stop making them!

You can pick this lap book up for free in my TPT store till the end of the school year :)

I've always been a less is more kind of girl at open house... I am happy with the way it all came out and so were my kiddos!

Now I just need a theme for next year! LOL!

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Nancy C. said...

Your room looks great and it's HUGE!!!!