Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Writing Workstation!

Wouldn't you know it, just when I put my self on a schedule, a fabulous three day weekend rolls on in; bowling, dinners, movies, Big Bang Theory... you know how it goes..

So here is "Sataurday's post"...

Workstations Part 2:

The Writing Workstation

This is my favorite workstation. I think so much creativity happens in this workstation. The kids seem to enjoy it too! I try to change it up every once in a while, but it doesn't change as often as some of the others, I mean if it's working, go with it! Right!?!

Here is the set up:

I have this long row of double shelves in my room. They hold a ton of materials including two workstations. The writing workstation consists of the green lap bench (a bargain at the craft store), the green basket, two binders and various supplies...

dry erase markers, pencils, crayons

journals :)
When the kiddos go to this workstation they have the option of completing up to three tasks. I always say up to, because there is always a kid who wants to spend the whole time on one story, and that perfectly OK with me!

Their first option is the label it binders:

I saw this fabulous idea over at First Grade Blue Skies and thought it worked perfectly in this workstation. They are getting the opportunity to write and read, love it! I have a few different binders that I rotate in and out to keep the activity fresh. They would spend the whole time doing this, but I limit them to three label it pages, and then they have to write in the journal. Some choose not to label at all, that's fine too!

Their other options are in the green basket: sequence story or roll a story.

When they use the sequence cards they practice writing a first, then, next, last story in the journal. I got the cards from Lakeshore Learning. They have easy to understand pictures and are color and number coded for easy organization. I keep four sets in the basket at a time and change them every month.

When they use the roll a story dice, they can roll two or three dice. Then they write a story about or including the things on the dice they rolled. Some of the stories can be pretty creative, while other stick to the basics. To make the dice I bought 6 cubes at the craft store, printed out clip art and modge-podged away :)I have six dice and have changed them three times this year. Since the possibility of rolls are great, there is less of a need to change this activity... something I really enjoy!

And that's it! The writing workstation! It is one that is low maintenance, which in a classroom with centers, math tubs and workstations, low maintenance is always a plus!

SO what do you do in your writing workstation? New ideas are always welcomed!

oh... and I'll try to be better with my schedule! The days just seem to get away....



Miss Kindergarten said...

Looks like so much fun!

Chrissy said...

Thanks for sharing these writing ideas! I really need to change up the Work on Writing part of Daily 5. These will help.
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