Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This week (so far) in pictures and a winner!

Hmm my favorite apple.... No one guessed it...  Pink Lady Apples!!! So crisp, sweet and yummy!

So, how about a random winner instead, no lets make it two!

Congrats to:

Carolyn S. and Sarah! Check your in-boxes!

And for everyone else my apple centers will be on sale through tomorrow night!

Now on to the pictures....

This week we are full swing into to workshop. The kiddos tackled their favorite (at the moment anyway) must do; making real and non-sense words with their letter cards. I am in LOVE with this must do because it requires no copying at all! YES!

I taught the kiddos to pull out 6-10 (depending on their level) consonant cards and I give them the word family ending. Then they turn their cards one at a time, add it to the word family ending and circle the words that are real. Let me just say ... it's magical!

 We are also working on finishing our No David! Peacemakers/Peacebreakers unit. I did this last year courtesy of Cara Carroll at the 1st Grade Parade. But this year I changed it up a bit to include a directed art drawing. I love the way the students so easily connect to David. It makes discussing rules and behaviors much easier!

These are a few of their Davids. Aren't they funny. The sticky has their advice to David. My printer was down today :( so we will finish this project up tomorrow.

And as I mentioned before we are going apple crazy for the next couple of weeks.  Today we did an apple circle map, tomorrow parts of the apple and apple art later this week! Busy Busy!

And have you seen those lap folders around pinterest? Well I am on board! and I am planning one for my apple unit. The pieces are all created and I can't wait to share it when its finished. For now, here's a sneak peek!


Kim said...

I have no idea what a lap folder is, but I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

Sarah said...

I love pink lady too! :) I just found your blog and and a new follower! I teach first grade too..Come check me out sometime.


Mrs. Heise said...

Hello! I teach first grade and stumbled upon your "Solid Shapes Flip Book". I searched it and found it on Pinterest, but it says the pin was lost. Would you be willing to share this AWESOME flip book with me and my 6 other first grade team members? WE LOVE IT!


Mrs. Hodson said...

Hi Emily,

You can find it on my blog if you search for solid figure freebie. Let me know if you still can't find it!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you and your team get good use out of the book :)