Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apple Lap Books and Pictures

We did it! We finished our apple unit and lap books! And to be honest, I was SO ready to be done with apples. I am ready to move into pumpkins and spiders!!

This week was busy...

apple tasting!This is the first year my class has liked the red apple best. Usually they are digging the green apple, so this was a nice change!

 Onto the apple lap book! This has taken up the whole unit to finish. Each time we did an activity, we added it to our lap books. And on Friday we finished with our tissue paper apples and made some apple sauce.

My kids LOVE them! You should have seen them yesterday, they were smiling ear to ear at their finished products! And I am am happy that all of their hard work on apples is neat and organized in these cute books :)

If you are interested in my lap book goodies, it is up on my TPT on sale for a few days! Check it out!

And, this is the only proof I have that we made apple sauce. We were so busy enjoying the fruits of our labor,  that I forgot to take pics of the kiddos eating. But according to one of my cute firsties... It was "heavenly" lol, love her!

And to top it all off we had miss-match day this week...

miss-matched shoes! That's me in the brown and black boots!

miss-matched socks!

Hope you all had a fun week as well! See you soon :)


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

im neo from malaysia and im a teacher too. ur blog really inspired me to build up my teaching skills ;) tanxxx love your blog so much !

Jennifer Reck said...

I love your apple lap idea. I'm doing apples next week. I'm going to go check out your TPT store!
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