Thursday, May 3, 2012

This week in pictures!

Hi all! FYI, this is a long one, but there are a lot of pics...

This week as all about /ar/. HM has the artist card for /ar/ which is ... well... boring! So I was pumped when I saw Abby's Pirate Mark unit! Just what my kiddos needed to spice up the week. We did all of her fun activities.

Playing off her Pirate Mark idea I had the kids put together this poster to display in the hallway for Open House, each kiddo thought of 1-2 /ar/ words and printed them on some star cutouts I found at the dollar tree! Easy Peasy!

We finished our What Am I? Books from my zoo unit :) I love how they came out!


Did you know what it was before you got to the end?? He was so stoked that he stumped his big brother :)

We also worked on synonyms. I introduced synonyms then made all of the center words "dead words"... my kids are EATING this up! They catch me saying these words ALL of the time and they love to call me on it! Oh first graders! I guess whatever keeps them thinking about the other word choices is fine with me, even I have to hear "That's a dead word Mrs. Hodson" ever so often!

Open house was last night so we did some prep work for that too...

This was our open house invite... and to match our zoo theme... a gator, of course!

I set up the sign in table with our tour bags, snacks and some pretty beautiful flowers

The tour bags are filled with about 8 strips of paper that say things like "show me your science journal" or "where is your zookeeper"... I teach the kids the day before open house how to give a tour to their parents. They ask their parents to pull the strips out and read it to them. Then the kiddo drags their parent all around the room showing them all of the important things we have been working on. The kids have a blast and the parents enjoy that their kids can really show and tell!  I do the open house tour bags every year because it works like a charm!

the kiddos giving their parents the official tour

And the big to-do at open house (other than visiting the room) was our Mexican Folklorico performance! The kids were AMAZING!!!! So cute!

ok... if you made it to the end you rock! and for your loyalty here is a freebie! With 9 days to go (yes I said NINE!) I am cramming in a unit on plants we are adding these to our science journals :) Click the pic to download the two worksheets and Enjoy!

thanks DJ Inkers for the cute flower :)
 Happy Thursday!


2nd Grade Teacher/Learner said...

Great activities. How did you create your What Am I Books?

Mrs. Hodson said...

@ 2nd Grade Teacher- the books are part of my Zoo Unit on TPT the kiddos each got to pick an animal to study and over the course of our unit they learned the facts to put into the book :)

Jaycee Weaver and Lohren Nolan said...

So fun! I love your blog! Such cute ideas!

Lohren Nolan

Amanda said...

Oh, I like the zoo animal books! Very cute!!

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