Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's All About America! with a freebie!

We are in the middle of our All About America unit and things are really getting going! For the past couple of weeks we have been focused on American symbols. This is one of those topics that he kids just get! Which makes teaching it so much fun. I read through a ton of books on the symbols, monuments, documents etc... (thanks Donors Choose!) and we learned all we could.

I put this symbol page together for us to do after we had be discussing for a few days (click the pic to download!)

We made directed art liberty bells...

the plan was to also do a white house, bald eagle and statue of liberty but time is flying!
Then we did our big group projects! This is by far my favorite activity of the entire year... I love seeing them working in small groups independently, figuring out how to function... it's great!

They each received a "Top Secret" envelope that included books, pictures, articles about their symbol. Then in their groups they had to go through the information, work together to complete a worksheet and a poster and then work with me to create a presentation (at least one sentence per group member about their symbol). So dang cute! Here are pictures that document our two day group project excursion...

 I have a ton more pictures so share, but I'll spare you all! Seriously, aren't those posters cute as can be! And bonus... I had kiddos ask to do more symbol investigation and give presentations! LOVE IT!

The next couple of weeks will be dedicated to heroes! And we will begin our hero projects... I can't wait!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Andi said...

I love it all! Looks like so much fun.

Laura said...

Girl, y'all have been busy! This looks great!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

meadowt said...

Love your group project! I think I will have to steal the idea for next week:)

Mrs. Davis said...

I love the project idea! I think my kinders and I might need to do this ASAP! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Carried Away in Kindergarten

Rose said...

Love the group work. They look like they're having a great time. Thanks for sharing

"The Wonderful World of Kindergarten"

Caroline Brantley said...

super cute! Love the idea of the group project.

Sheri said...

You've been awarded.....Come check it out on my blog 1st GRADE ROCKS !!! Congrats:)

Heather's Heart said...

I love all of this!

I would love for you to come check out the Liberty Bells we made...they are so stinkin' cute! =)

Heather's Heart

Esther De Baca said...

I love them! I have a questions-- do the children work in small groups to create posters after you covered each symbol?

Anonymous said...

I love your group project idea! Do you have special research forms that the kids are to fill out for each of the symbols? Would you be willing to share? I'd love to see how you did this! Thanks!

Hannah B. Rose said...

What was the worksheet that went along with the small group work????

Elizabeth Festa said...

I was also wodndering what the worksheets are that go along with this. It looks adorable!