Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Day It Rained Hearts and a Monkey...

Yes, you read correctly... a monkey! But before we get to that... I have posted my mini unit to go with the book The Day It Rained Hearts, by Felecia Bond. I LOVE this Valentine's Day book! If you don't have it... GET IT, you'll be happy you did! And then check out my mini unit, on TPT right now for only $3.50!

This is what you'll get:

check it out HERE on TPT

and now for the monkey! Have you seen Mrs. Cupcake's cute V Day crafts?? Well I love them but we have a different craft on the agenda for Valentine's Day... Still, I couldn't resist putting a little twist on hers and making this one! I'm sending it to my sister for Valentines Day ( I wish I could be there for when she opens the giant envelope!!)

not as cute as Mrs. Cupacke's, but fun none the less!

 Happy Tuesday!!!


Mrs. Cupcake said...

Thanks for mentioning me, girl! And this is absolutely adorable!!! I really love it :)

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Laura said...

Love this book! These activities look great! just found your blog and followed! Come visit me when you can!

Peace, Love, and First Grade