Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chirstmas Rewind!

I know this is a little late, but worth the post non-the less!

I told you all that we were going to do If  You Take a Mouse to the Movies... we did all of my worksheets that I posted a few weeks ago and we also did a few fun projects!   First we read the story and made Cara Carroll's cute mouse! I just love her projects over at The First Grade Parade :)
If you take me to the movies I will want popcorn with chocolate balls.

Then we did some popcorn fact families and strung them on our Christmas Tree! Can I just say the kids LOVED this!! Some kiddos got pre-determined fact family numbers and other got to make up their own. Then they wrote each equation on a popcorn paper and strung them on the string.

As they finished I helped the kids place them on our tree.

Okay... its not a real tree and we attached with tape, but hey, it totally works!
Then we read this great book that I got from Scholastic in November.

Did you get this one too? Santa looses his reindeer and asks some farm animals to help him out. The kids thought the pictures were funny and what a great book for a story response... What animal would you ask to help you, if your reindeer got away?

I would want a horse to pull my sleigh because they are faster than a dog.
I would want a bunny to pull the sleigh because they can jump up.
Thanks for going back with me :) See you tomorrow for a rewind of Snowman day and some fun freebies!

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