Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hooray! We are so close to finishing our weather/seasons unit. Today was our last day of clouds and we push into the water cycle starting tomorrow.

The kids have done SUPER AWESOME with clouds, especially the pronunciation of the cloud names. They are so darling... every time there's a cloud in the sky they are staring up deciding which type it is, LOVE IT! To finish off clouds I had a tone of ideas, but a short week + a release day = less projects :(  So, we did a cloud accordion book with cotton ball clouds and a little black (which was to turn out gray, but you know those heavy handed first graders!) watercolor paint for that "stormy/fog" look.

Not super fancy but the kids adored it! After we finished the "art" aspect, we read they book to our buddies telling them all the facts we knew about each cloud. A fun way to end clouds!

Tomorrow is turkey day and I am excited! I made a new turkey pattern and I think it will be super cute, plus we have been talkin' turkeys all week, so their stories should be good, fingers crossed!

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