Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's In My School Bag...

Today I am linking up for a bag party with Abby at the Inspired Apple to tell what is in my school bag! To tell you the truth, I like to carry an assortments of bags to and from school depending on what I will be doing. But the are definitely two I rely on the most!

The first is my everyday bag (and it's my favorite). It is a treasure that I brought home from London while I was on my honeymoon. It is nice and big and made of a poly canvas so it stays upright when needed. Plus, it has a map of my favorite vacation destination!

Today it is surprisingly light! It is parent conference week and I am actually getting a lot done at school... YES! So... I have my idea notebook with plans for our Charles Tiger art and my upcoming weather unit as well as a book of phonics games I am going to change, adapt, and "cutesify" for my kiddos.

Stuffed in the pocket of the bag are a few essentials... pens and pencils (why they are winter themed, I have NO idea!), a dollar store find, a stamp for student papers and some word cards that need to be laminated.

 And amidst it all is my giant water bottle and a lunch bag!

On days when I need to bring it "all" home, I take my giant Fossil bag with me. It is usually my airplane carry on, but it does double duty on busy work weeks :) I love it for the funky pattern and the zillion pockets (even one for my cell phone).

Since it is not in rotation this week it is hardly full, but of course there are a few straggling items (as I can never keep a bag entirely clean and empty). As I opened it this afternoon It was equipped with a pair of heels I wore last week and had to ditch after school when my feet we killing me, water bottle caps that I am saving for a project, writing tools and stickies.

Ahh... teaching bags,  I do love them so : )


Abby said...

Your bags are ah-mazing! The one from London, esp!!! Thanks for playing along, girl! Have a great day :)

Andi said...

What a great Honeymoon destination! The Harrods bag is super cute!

Emily said...

Love that Fossil bag, so fun! I found you through the bag link up...I'm a new follower :)

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Super cute bags! What a treasure from London! I have that same lunch bag in the Sittin' In a Tree pattern! I am late to Abby's party, here is my bag

Iqbal Hossain said...

Love that Fossil bag, so fun! I found you through the bag link up...I'm a new follower