Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Math Tubs!!!

We kicked off math tubs this today! I was very excited to do this. I haven't done math tubs before, so this will be a fun adventure this year. It is a good thing all of you bloggers out there are up to sharing your ideas, because they have made planning math tubs much easier!

I am going to do tubs on four days of the week (not on our early release day... there just isn't time). I have groups of five or six and they meet a new math tub each day. Today was day one and they had so much fun...

This game came from the brilliant Mrs. Carroll at The First Grade Parade... our school isn't hip to color printers so I used some fabulous note cards and a sharpie to write the numbers... The kids were practicing their number recognition and counting skills. They read the number, clipped the correct number of pins and had a partner check.. and easy no-fuss tub :)

 This tub matched up with our math lessons this week.. Roll, draw, add! The kids rolled the dice to provide the first number, drew the subsequent pictures, and added them together. They did the provided problems on the front and made their own on the back.

My kids just love patterns! We have been discussing AB, ABB, and AAB patterns, identifying the A and B as well as the pattern unit. At this tub they patterned, traced, and recorded the info!

The last tub (of which I did not get a picture of... darn!) The kids used number cards to order least to greatest. Each child in groups of three (or four) chooses a card then they work together to order. I had an aide to check their orders. Simple...I love simple :)

And to end with some exciting news for or school this week... author T.E. Watson (I Wanna Iguana) is coming for a visit. We will be attending an assembly on Thursday. The kids are super excited to meet a "real author"... pics to come :)

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