Friday, October 21, 2011

What's the Weather?

Let me start by saying science has been seriously suffering this year :( With my crazy schedule, we literally have only 75 min a week to squeeze in science (or social studies, depending) and it is driving me bonkers. So we have been sluggishly moving through our weather/seasons unit, but we have had some fun doing it that's for sure.

We made two season trees, fall and winter...spring and summer will be coming sometime soon.

We tore the paper for the tree and used the end of a paintbrush for our falling leaves.
shaving cream and glue combo to make puffy snow. This was awesome and the kids loved it! A wonderful pinterest find.

We talked about the types of weather we can have and completed this in our science journals.

doesn't that storm cloud look dangerous!

Then we got to meet Miss Meteorologist! We learned what she does and how she does it! We watched a clip of a weather anchor on the news. Then we put together this chart to show what we had learned.

And of course, this led us right into talking about the tools to measure weather. I got out the GIANT thermometer (I wish I had a pic, it really is big), our rain gauge, and some pictures of a wind vane (because I don't have a real one; it's on the "to get" list). It wasn't rainy so the rain gauge didn't go over as well as the thermometer... but it will rain soon enough.

 I cant wait till we get to the water cycle in a couple of weeks! FUN WILL BE HAD!

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