Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sight Words!! and a Freebie

How many sight words do your kiddos need to learn by the end of the year? 50? 100? Well, we are pushing 180!! So I do as many sight word activities as I can each day to help my littles get their words down.

One of their favorites is I have, Who Has. We play that pretty much every other day. Thank goodness there are SO many versions on TPT to choose from, because I seriously CAN NOT get that game to line up when I make it! LOL

But this week I switched it up and introduced Sight Word Races! This is not my idea. In fact, I have seen so many versions out there, who knows who invented it? But it is genius. My kiddos especially LOVED that one word comes in 1st, another 2nd and then a 3rd. They were begging to keep playing to find out who would be 4th, 5th and 6th. I love firsties!

I chose 6 words that I KNEW they needed to work on  and filled them into each row. Then I gave every kiddo a dice and let them at it! I told them they were the track announcers, so each time they rolled that number they had to announce the "car" (word) that was coming around the track. With all of the announcing and dice dropping it was noisy, but you just cant quiet the "we are ALL on task noisy"...

With sight words on my brain I came across these guys at the Lakeshore Outlet...

Hands-On Sight-Word Cubes...

I have the level one version. I am super excited to match these cubes with some reusable sight word race cards for my word work center.

So, want to do some sight word racing of your own? Just click the pic to get my version of sight word races and have some fun!

Thanks Scrappin Doodles for the cute Gators!

What do you do to help your kiddos learn their sight words? I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new ideas!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apple Lap Books and Pictures

We did it! We finished our apple unit and lap books! And to be honest, I was SO ready to be done with apples. I am ready to move into pumpkins and spiders!!

This week was busy...

apple tasting!This is the first year my class has liked the red apple best. Usually they are digging the green apple, so this was a nice change!

 Onto the apple lap book! This has taken up the whole unit to finish. Each time we did an activity, we added it to our lap books. And on Friday we finished with our tissue paper apples and made some apple sauce.

My kids LOVE them! You should have seen them yesterday, they were smiling ear to ear at their finished products! And I am am happy that all of their hard work on apples is neat and organized in these cute books :)

If you are interested in my lap book goodies, it is up on my TPT on sale for a few days! Check it out!

And, this is the only proof I have that we made apple sauce. We were so busy enjoying the fruits of our labor,  that I forgot to take pics of the kiddos eating. But according to one of my cute firsties... It was "heavenly" lol, love her!

And to top it all off we had miss-match day this week...

miss-matched shoes! That's me in the brown and black boots!

miss-matched socks!

Hope you all had a fun week as well! See you soon :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This week (so far) in pictures and a winner!

Hmm my favorite apple.... No one guessed it...  Pink Lady Apples!!! So crisp, sweet and yummy!

So, how about a random winner instead, no lets make it two!

Congrats to:

Carolyn S. and Sarah! Check your in-boxes!

And for everyone else my apple centers will be on sale through tomorrow night!

Now on to the pictures....

This week we are full swing into to workshop. The kiddos tackled their favorite (at the moment anyway) must do; making real and non-sense words with their letter cards. I am in LOVE with this must do because it requires no copying at all! YES!

I taught the kiddos to pull out 6-10 (depending on their level) consonant cards and I give them the word family ending. Then they turn their cards one at a time, add it to the word family ending and circle the words that are real. Let me just say ... it's magical!

 We are also working on finishing our No David! Peacemakers/Peacebreakers unit. I did this last year courtesy of Cara Carroll at the 1st Grade Parade. But this year I changed it up a bit to include a directed art drawing. I love the way the students so easily connect to David. It makes discussing rules and behaviors much easier!

These are a few of their Davids. Aren't they funny. The sticky has their advice to David. My printer was down today :( so we will finish this project up tomorrow.

And as I mentioned before we are going apple crazy for the next couple of weeks.  Today we did an apple circle map, tomorrow parts of the apple and apple art later this week! Busy Busy!

And have you seen those lap folders around pinterest? Well I am on board! and I am planning one for my apple unit. The pieces are all created and I can't wait to share it when its finished. For now, here's a sneak peek!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Apples on my Mind... Give away and freebies!

It has been so long! Seriously! But this three day weekend has come at the PERFECT time!!

I was able to sit down and plan out my favorite fall unit: Apples! Graphing, tasting, applesauce, apple life cycle... the list goes on and on!

I even picked up a bunch of my favorite apples at Costco this morning... for me, not the kiddos! YUMM!!

So I am all set for a few weeks of apple fun and to kick it off I created some math and literacy centers :)

You can pick them up at my TPT Store, but for the fun of it lets do a give away too! So, the first person to guess my favorite type of apple will win this set of centers for free! So leave your comments below, you have until Monday night!

Don't worry I didn't forget the fireebies... check out my post on apple activities from last year to pick up some great freebies that we will be doing this year as well!

Happy Sunday! Oh, and I'll be back this week with pictures of what we have been up to in class- I keep leaving my darn camera at school-... hint hint (there's a David involved!)