Sunday, April 14, 2013

Synonyms and Antonyms!

This week we spent a ton of time working on synonyms and antonyms. These are ALWAYS fun for first graders and a pretty easy topic for them to grasp too!

We started off with an overview of both and then jumped into some quick bubble maps and an antonym list. Sorry for the AWFUL phone pics! :( The camera is charged and ready to go to school this next week!

I wish I had time to make cute ones in class, but I just don't. After school this week I will take the kiddos awesome ideas and turn them into this, like I did last year...SO much better!

Then we did a couple of whole class activities! I LOVED these! They gave me the opportunity to walk around and listen in on "kid thinking" in an informal way :)

First was a read the room match-up! I taped synonyms and antonyms around the room. Then I gave each kiddo an activity sheet with the pairs to the words on the walls. They walked about the room, read the words, determined if it was a pair to a synonym or antonym and then recorded!

It was a great way to judge if they could find the pairs and match synonyms and antonyms. I found out REALLY quick who would be needing a little extra help with this!

The next activity was a buddy match up. They each got one part of a synonym or antonym pair. Then I let them loose to find their pair buddy.


"I have up." "I have go." "Are we antonyms or synonyms?" "No."

After they linked up, the kiddos worked together to each make a page for our synonym and antonym class book.

I was really happy with all of their hard work this week on synonyms and antonyms! They have got the hang of them for sure!

If you would like to do these activities and more with your class, check out my Super Star Synonyms and Antonyms mini pack! It includes these two class activities and three small group/center games!

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Have a great week!