Monday, March 9, 2015

Dr. Seuss Week

March is, by far, one of my favorite months in school. There are so many fun things to celebrate!

We kicked off last week with a little Dr. Seuss fun.

We did this great directed art project. Each year they come out perfectly unique. There is no real lesson, I look at the image on the cover of the Cat in the Hat and just describe the line to make and demonstrate. Then the kiddos do it :) Nice and simple. I do make them use a marker. NO PENCILS ALLOWED. There is a little anxiety to begin with, but not being able to erase makes them really listen in and think about how I describe the type of line to make. Let's just say you can hear a pin drop during this lesson! And in all of the times I've done this lesson with the kids, I have never had to give anyone another piece of paper *knock on wood*.

And as a college basket ball fan, I thought we might get in on a little March Madness ourselves. I saw an image of a book bracket contest on Pinterest.  I had to do it too! I chose 8 Dr. Seuss easy reader books, some familiar and a few more obscure ones and three 1st grade classes participated.

We read two books each day Monday through Thursday. Every day before lunch the kids voted for their favorite of the two. When they arrived back from lunch, the winner had been advanced. Oh the excitement!

We hung this beauty in the hall way to keep the kids posted on the advancing books. It became quite the talking point on campus! Many kids would check in each day to see how the 1st graders were voting and if their favorite book was winning.

On Tuesday, end of day, we voted for the winners from the Quarter Finals. The results were posted in the morning. We did the same on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday afternoon we voted on the Semi winners. Friday was the big finals vote- I Wish I had Duck Feet was our big winner!

What did you do to celebrate Dr. Seuss?


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Jack Connors said...

Great ideas! Why no pencils allowed in Cat in the Hat? I found this piece at and they say pencils are accepted as well.