Saturday, March 30, 2013

Plants and a Sale!

As we gear up for open house (yep... only a few weeks from now), we have begun our plant and animals unit! I like this science unit because it is filled with experiments, investigations, projects and research :) All my FAVES!

We kicked off this week with the parts of the plant, what they need and how they get it. I made a quick anchor chart with the kiddos. I drew and labeled the flower and tree. The kids drew the pics for what they need :)

After we do the anchor chart the kids make a similar version in the science journals. We also added this sheet to our journals to compare the two types of plants! Click to HERE download!

We began our first experiment...

After reading a few books and comparing the roots to straws, stem to a freeway, and leaves to a factory the kiddos were ready to make their flower flippers!

Its like a giant flip book! The kids and I come up with sentences to describe what it is that each part of the plant does. Then they choose the way that they like the best and write in under the plant part!

Add a little tissue paper to the center of the flower and tad-ah! They are resting on the carpet momentarily, but soon they will be up on the wall... I just have to bring myself to take down their amazing Cat in the Hats!

A directed drawing lesson that I did with them for Dr. Seuss' Birthday! They did such an amazing job :)

We will finish up plants next week and dive into animals! I can't wait :) 

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Happy Saturday!


Marybeth Cialini said...

I just pinned 2 of your pictures. I love the idea of the fip book. Do you have a pattern you could send me?


Mrs. Graham said...

I love the Flower flipper book! Is it available for sale/downlaod?

Miss Cosby said...

I am so excited to do a plant unit but I think we're a few weeks out considering our weather. I like to do it when real spring shows up and it's taking it's sweet time here, lol. Lots of cloudy chilly days.

I would also be super grateful if you had a pattern to share for that flower flipper. It's so neat!

You Might Be a First Grader...

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

You are so fun and interesting! Thanks for sharing! Stop by anytime!

Lori said...

Love the flower flip book!
Conversations in Literacy

Jessica Hamilton said...

I LOVE the plant flip book. I usually just do a normal flip book style with my plant unit, but I love how creative and unique this is! Do you have a pattern to share? I would love a copy, if so!

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