Sunday, January 6, 2013

Frog and Toad w/freebie

I'm breaking the rules.

Don't tell.

Really, it's not like me to; but I've had it!

So, we are all "fidelity to the reading program" at school,  and while I'm always on board with school policies... the reading program guided readers, are, well...

...NO FUN! (most of them, there's always a gem here or there)

So,  that's it! Starting this week two of my reading groups (yes, I'm living on the edge, lol, two out of my five groups) are in for a little treat I am over the moon about it!

My highest group will be reading The Magic Tree House and my middle highs will be reading Frog and Toad Are Friends. I am SO excitied :) (okay, maybe it's more like bending the rules : P I am still sticking with the rest of the program!)

Since I have never done Frog and Toad Are Friends with a reading group and to usher in this fun I created a Frog and Toad Are Friends book study! You can pick it up HERE at Teacher Pay Teachers :)

Also,  here's a craftivity for free! I found this great green (baby poop) scrapbook paper in my craft stuff and it makes the perfect color for a frog/toad. I don't thing I'll be able to recreate that color at school, so the kiddos' will end up plain ol' green :)

click the pic to download :)
Oh, and because I forgot to add this in the pattern pack, the purple page (any color would work) is an 9x12in! And I will be having my kiddos respond to friendship on the writing page :)

And one of my new year's resolutions is to get back to blogging! Let's face it... I've basically been MIA lately. I guess I just wasn't feeling creative enough to blog.

But, no more excuses I am back and ready to blog, baby! So see you soon, I promise :)

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Suzy Q said...

You go, girl! Live on the edge!