Thursday, October 4, 2012

Picture Day! Project

This last week was individual student picture day and we did the best art project to go with it!

My teammate introduced me to this book:

It's the cutest book written and illustrated by a second grade class here in California (which, by the way, totally impressed my kids!) full of funny things that happened to them on picture day; crazy hair, loose tooth etc...

So, we went ahead and read the book and did a directed art activity; drawing how we looked on picture day. This was hilarious. I took their picture (so I didn't have to wait to get the minis back from the photog). The kids were sure into it! And to be honest, most of them are spot on to their real picture!

Instead of having them create something that happened to them on picture day, we wrote something that we did to get ready for picture day. 

This one cracked me up...

Thank goodness for big sisters! lol

Each one came out different which was PERFECT!

So, if you haven't had your picture day yet or want to tuck this away for next year, I'm letting you know it is a must do!

I'll be back with some blend freebies so swing by again soon!

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