Saturday, August 4, 2012

Math Organization

One thing that I NEVER seem to be happy with is the way I organize my math manipulatives. I have used the open tub shelves like these:

I like the open nature of them and the easy access, but the manipulatives always ended up in the wrong baskets and I was continuously sorting them out :(  

Then I put them all away giant storage baggies. Into the cupboard and out of sight. I took each type of manipulative out as we needed it. But, that didn't work either. The kids couldn't get to them if they needed and when I was in a pinch for a quick use they were all put away...

So this year I am moving to bins with lids that will be placed on an open bookshelf. Target always has a great deal on plastic bins so I scooped up a few..
Sterilite Shoe Box Set Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window 
And I created some labels (of course; No bin shall go unlabeled!) to match my library ones:

You can get these labels and a few other goodies in the Math Organization Pack over at my TPT store

I already have them printed and ready to go. I am so anxious to get to school on Monday and get my manipulatives organized! I make sure to post pics when its all finished :)

How do you organize your math manipulatives?

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Lisa R. said...

I need to get my math manipulatives organized like that. I've been trying to organize them, but can't seem to find the right system. I like how you are organizing yours! :)
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