Saturday, July 7, 2012

Classroom Library Update

I have been spending the last few days in my new room trying to get things organized. And boy was I overwhelmed!! So much stuff to do!

So I decided that I would just pick one corner to start and focus my time there. I began in my new classroom library. (A good choice... all the books could be put away!)

Here is the before pic just the way the teacher before me left it (books and all... let's just say I had A LOT of book sorting going on! ):

And here it is now...

Yea! My wonderful husband primed and painted all of the yellow and purple sound tiles back to white. Love him! I am going to use them to display genre cards as we learn about them during the year.

Some up close looks... there are still a few things that need to be done, but I was SO happy with it I had to take pics and share :)

one of two black book shelves that have labeled baskets with matching labeled books. I print the same picture that is on the basket onto return address labels and stick them to the front of the books. It helps the kiddos when putting books back :)

A few more baskets... a couple still need their labels... and our gazillion anthologies under our sound spelling cards.

a little sitting area! I used fabric from my banners to line the inside of window cubbie (with hot glue) and I sewed the book holder so we could have some forward facing books. And those are the crate seats I made. I found that black crate in my room as I was cleaning up so I think I'll be making another seat in the very near future. :)
the green book bins are four our independent reading books they haven't been labeled yet that's why most of them look the way they do...

Like I said still some things to do... finish labels, add the pom poms, make another crate seat... plus the rest of the room... lol

I will be working on another section of my room next week and I share pics when it's done :) Have a great weekend!


Mary said...

This looks great! I also painted my bookshelves black this summer. I am doing something different with my library since I have Kinders, but I can tell how hard you worked!
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Tamera said...

Looks wonderful! I have those same baskets in my reading area. I have material to make those crate seats, but have to wait for my custodian to get $ to buy "flame retartent" dip to dip my fabric first. Who knows when that will be since funds are tight.

Ben Conn said...

I love your blog! can we donate some classroom library goodies to you?


Kristen Smith said...

This looks so great!! I bought the same bins for my book corner this year!! Your classroom is coming out super cute. :)


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