Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weather Tools, Clouds and Pilgrims!

Okay, here we go.

This week we have been doing district benchmarks so, keeping up with classroom goodies has been tough. So here is a recap of some highlights from our week!

We are closing in on the final stretch of our weather unit. We finished up talking about tools to measure weather and completed these pages in our science journals.

You can get the weather tool pages HERE!

We also began learning about clouds. I took some tips from Cara at The First Grade Parade and Abby at The Inspired Apple to get our cloud week in gear.

And using my limited tech skills I managed to connect my desktop to the document camera and projector to show a powerpoint presentation I made about clouds. I amazingly found one pic of clouds over the Golden Gate Bridge... the kids were in awe :) If you think it might be useful to you, click the clouds to download the presentation.
The font wouldn't transfer, so hopefully you can change it to something cute when you download!

Next week we will do our cloud accordion books and It Looked Like Spilt Milk writing and art. Stay tuned for pics.

Yesterday we did our first "November" art of the month. We cranked out our Pilgrim boys and girls for our literacy quilt and compared and contrasted Pilgrim kids to 2011 kids in response to our literature, Sarah Morton's Day.

And a random, because I love my kiddos work... We reviewed short I this week and we made these short I pigs. I gave a directed art lesson on how to make the pigs and they filled them with short I words...SO cute :)

lengthy right?... well I'm glad you stuck with me. Have a very happy weekend!

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