Saturday, October 29, 2011

Double Facts!

This past week we worked on strategies for addition. One of the more fun ones is using the doubles. I teach doubles four a couple of weeks so that the kiddos get some BIG time practice and hopefully start to memorize them!

We always start out with The Doubles Rap. I learned this when I taught SAXON math and have incorporated it ever since! The kids just love it... and we add some pretty funny movements to reinforce (video would be hilarious... me, getting my rap on, boy oh boy!). I have changed the words a bit from the original version, so that it would work for my kids. We have it poster size in  the room and they have a copy to keep in their desk for practicing. Click the pic to get your copy!

The doubles were easy to recognize when we compared it to a double scoop of our favorite ice cream! We made these ice cream cones in our fave. flavors and put a doubles fact of our choice inside. As you can see, no template was provided...but they came out pretty darn cute anyway!

In math tubs we did some more doubles work with an ice cream matching game... and any time ice cream is involved the excitement factor goes way up... the kids were pumped! I didn't get a pic, but I'll grab one this week and add it in later :) Click the pic to get the game and HERE for the recording sheet!

All this talk about ice cream is making me want some, ha! Have a happy weekend.


Jen R. (The Teachers' Cauldron) said...

I love teaching doubles! And I used to teach out of Saxon YEARS ago - I loved that series! Thank you for the Freebies :)

Buzzin' on Cupcakes in 1st Grade! said...

Love your FREE printables! THANK YOU!!!!

I just gave you the Blogs on Fire Award. Thanks for inspiring me. Please share 7 things about yourself and pass the award on.

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Holly said...

Love your freebies - I'm a new follower!!! :)

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Amy said...

I just found your blog and I'm glad I did! Great ideas!!!

Krazy About Kiddos

Sara said...

Just found your blog and downloaded this mini unit. Thank you for sharing!!

Umm Aboodi said...

Thanks a lot for your resources!