Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Daily 5?

Okay ... I did it. I bought the book. I read it cover to cover and I became inspired. Then I got hit by reality. My district has a BIG policy about staying true to the core curriculum. Not to say I don't "love" HM, but HM and only HM? It is a hard thing to deal with.

My current dilemma... Ho to make it work in my room?  Well, I decided to start with  read to self. We currently do an independent seat based universal access/workshop time (a whopping 45 min) and I have decided to begin each workshop with read to self.

We are up to 6 min! I am happy with my kiddos' progress and I am sure they will be to our goal in no time.

And now for a picture... here is our three ways to read chart. I love the stars!

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Sue Kane said...

Thanks for the cute chart idea. Our school is just starting readers workshop this year. I can use all the ideas I can get.